​​​​​​​​​​​​Are you eligible to play?

Spokane Hoopfest 2016 will take place on June 25 & 26.​
Registration forms are still being accepted on a space-available basis through May 23.

H​oop​​fest​ is home to every kind of baller there is:  short, tall, college standout, rec league champion, intramural player, gym rat, AAU or YMCA participant. Hey, even if you haven't touched a ball since last Hoopfest, if you want to play, we want you to play. Our youngest players must be entering the third grade during the fall of 2016. After that, it's anyone's game. Our oldest players have been in their 80's.

The Beats by Dr. Dre Elite Division of Hoopfest may represent a small fraction of our teams, but it shines as arguably the most competitive ball in the region. It often features former CBA and European professionals, college superstars, high school standouts, and more than a few playground legends.  Hoopfest encourages all collegiate athletes to check with their Athletic Directors prior to p​articipating in Hoopfest as prizes are given to the winners of each bracket. Hoopfest is not an NCAA certified event.​

Hoopfest Rules for​ Sportsmanship

​​ ​



  • ​​​​Respect other teams
  • Respect your monitor
  • ​Know the rules​
  • Keep your cool
  • Celebrate good play
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Winning is a state of mind, but you can also get the shirt.​


​ ​
Awards are given to teams that take first place (Champions) and second place (Finalists) in each bracket, as well as to teams winning the consolation bracket.  At the conclusion of the final game of each bracket, the Court Monitor will give award forms to the Champions and the Finalists. The Champions must then deliver the final ​​scoresheet to the Avista Master Scoreboard in Riverfront Park before proceeding to the adjacent Action Apparel Awards Tent. (This procedure must also be followed by the consolation bracket winners.) The Finalists may go straight to the Action Apparel Awards Tent to claim their prizes.

All players on these teams will receive award T-Shirts clearly indicating their status as icons on the mantel of Hoopfest history. Coveted by many but worn by a few, Hoopfest award T-shirts have been known to make grown men cry and little children sing like birds. ​ ​​​​