​​​​​​Volunteers make Hoopfest​ happen




The Court Monitor's Role​

It takes over 650 court monitors​ to make Hoopfest run smoothly! Registration for court monitors is now open​. Click here to download your 2015 Hoopfest Court Monitor Application.​

Please contact Chad Smith​ if you have any questions.  Click here to view the Court Monitor Training Video.​  ​​


What can I do?​

The continued success of Hoopfest is based largely on the huge outpouring of support given by hundreds of volunteers in all areas of the event. It is only with the countless hours of help from these dedicated​ individuals that Hoopfest organizers are able to make the event bigger, better and more exciting each year.  Volunteer registration for Hoopfest 2015 is now open. Click here to download your 2015 Hoopfest Volunteer Application.