3on3 and a Bride to be

Meet the happy Hoopfest couple

To prepare for her wedding, Shannon McFaul had a few events to attend in June. First, she went to her bridal shower, then she travelled to Nashville for her bachelorette party, and now she’s finishing the wedding prep as most brides do, by competing in Spokane Hoopfest!

Shannon and her fiancé Andy are getting married this July. They’ve travelled together, met each other’s families and friends, but now they take their relationship to the next level – playing on a Hoopfest team with her dad.

Shannon and Andy join her father Greg and brother Ben to make the MacTruck team. Competing in the adult co-ed division on Mountain Dew Kick Start #3, the MacTruck’s started off on a loss but finished the day 1-1. Their competition was fierce albeit familiar; the 12-team division is comprised completely of family and friends!

Greg and his buddies have been playing basketball with one another for 18 years. What was once a group of friends playing on the blacktop of St. Augstine’s Church on the South Hill is now a full family affair, with the kids in on the action.

Greg is all in on the Hoopfest experience, especially in this division. “We know everybody here on the court. The court monitors, the 12 teams, everybody. I’m on two teams, one with my kids and another with my brother!”

For Shannon and Andy, Hoopfest is more than just a way to play around with old friends, it’s a preview of the wedding afterparty. They noted most of the people playing on the court this weekend will be attending their wedding. However, Greg wanted to make one thing clear, “it depends on if I win or not… if I get a shirt, people can still come to the wedding! If not, well, we will see about that…”

Congratulations to Shannon and Andy, and good luck to the MacTruck’s.

Written by Lauren Helmbrecht