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Looking to complete your team for Hoopfest 2020?

Not sure where to go to find a team? Or need one extra player to round out your team? Head over to our Facebook page where we created a ‘Free Agent Forum’ so players from all over at any skill levels can post about looking for teams and/or players. Who knows, you might be able to find the next Kevin

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Hoopfest 2020 Registration

March is here and that means it’s time to register your team for Hoopfest 2020! Join more than 250,000 people on the streets of Downtown Spokane as we celebrate 31 years of Hoopfest and our love for the game, June 27-28. No matter your age, height or skill level, there is a division for you. There will be four divisions

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Register Now for Home-Court Advantage

Every athlete knows the feeling: traveling to another team’s court, feeling the ground shake, hearing the screams ring in your ears. It’s a close game, but then the home team slams a dunk, sinks a three, or blocks a shot and the crowd goes wild, electrifying the stadium. It is no secret who gets the momentum going into the next

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kathleen Sullivan

This week at Hoopfest, we’re highlighting Kathleen Sullivan – one of our dedicated volunteers who supervises and oversees our Team Check-in and Player Change committee. Kathleen has been with us for a whopping 30 years! From being bribed with Chai tea lattes to showing us how much she loves her committee and teams by putting their names on a sponsored

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The Hoopfest Story

The story of Hoopfest begins in May 1989 on a flight to Washington, D.C. when Spokane accountant Rick Betts picked up a copy of USA Today and turned to an article that caught his eye. A lively story mixing celebration, reunion, sweat, scorekeeping and the sweet sound of rubber bouncing off asphalt described the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament, a 3on3

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Volunteer Registration NOW OPEN

https://youtu.be/6J4-EQvPse4 Everything about Hoopfest is grounded in community. This essential element ensures that Hoopfest’s mission stays the same year after year: to create the best basketball weekend on Earth. A huge part of the Hoopfest community is the 3,000 volunteers that help the weekend run smoothly. There are 13 different volunteer positions, so find your perfect fit and be part

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Here’s Why YOU Should Be a Hoopfest Court Monitor

Court monitor positions are up for grabs! If you’re interested in being right in the middle of all the hoop action, this is the opportunity for you. Court Monitors ensure tournament policies are followed and that safety is upheld by all 3on3 participants. As a Court Monitor, you’ll not only be decked out in Nike swag, you’ll be entered in

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Get Ready for a Whole Lotta Hoopla!

Get Ready for a Whole Lotta Hoopla! Missing #Hoopfest2019? Of course you are. Well, good news…you can participate in this 3on3 tournament coming up close by! Even though the Spokane streets are cleared from the Hoopfest madness, you can still huddle up your squad, break out your jerseys, and head on down to Oregon for another awesome weekend of basketball!

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Guardian is our official 2019 Sportsmanship Award sponsor

Guardian is our official Sportsmanship Award sponsor Guardian is the newest Major sponsor of Spokane Hoopfest, and they’re going all in to encourage inclusive, fair and just play on our streets. This year, Guardian is supporting the disabilities division courts and is the Official Sportsmanship Award Sponsor of The Best Basketball Weekend on Earth. As this year’s Official Sportsmanship Award

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