Court monitors needed

Court monitors  for #Hoopfest2019 needed

Court monitors are a huge part of Spokane Hoopfest weekend and we need your help. There are over 420 courts for this upcoming Hoopfest tournament and every court requires a monitor.

Each monitor will be assigned one court that they will be responsible for maintaining order. Courts usually consist of approximately 16 teams.

The monitor is accountable for ensuring that games stay on schedule and that accurate scores are being kept. Monitors will also make the final decisions for disagreements between teams.

  • In brackets consisting of grades three through nine, court monitors will call fouls.
  • In the high school (grades 10-12) and adult brackets, players will call their own fouls. Court monitors on these courts will only call technical, intentional and flagrant fouls.

Court monitors are needed to maintain the fairness of the game, as well as enforce the Hoopfest rules. Each monitor has the support and supervision of court marshals, who are there to help maintain courts as well.

No experience is required; Hoopfest is recruiting people who simply enjoy volunteering. Court monitors need to be able to interact with all varieties of people, answer questions and apply rules. Everyone enjoys a court monitor that has an amazing attitude.

Court monitors enable teams to have the best Hoopfest experience possible, but they are also compensated with FREE Nike gear. For the time and effort put in on Hoopfest Weekend, each court monitor receives a FREE pair of Nike shoes, a pair of Nike shorts, a Nike Court Monitor shirt and a Nike hat. Lunches and beverages are also provided for both days.

Help us make Hoopfest 2019 one to remember and join us today by signing up here!

If you would like more information please contact Chad Smith at or by phone at 509-624-2414.