Downtown Business Vendor Application

Step 1: Complete the below Hoopfest 2020 Downtown Business Vendor Application. No fee or deposit is required. Your business, products you are selling, past performance and prior health district reports (if applicable) will be evaluated. All applications are due by March 23, 2020 – no exceptions. If accepted, a vendor packet will be sent to you on April 1, 2020. If you are not accepted, a rejection letter will be sent to you at that time.

Please note – receipt and return of the application form does not mean you have automatically been accepted as an Authorized Vendor for Hoopfest 2020. For past vendors, if we do not receive the completed form by March 23, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in Hoopfest.

Step 2: If accepted, fill out and return all requested information sent to you in the vendor packet including payment by May 1, 2020. Insurance certificates, layout drawings, information sheets, food and tax permits (if applicable and fire safety paper will all be required in order to participate in Hoopfest 2020. 

For all questions, please contact Connor Walsh at connor@spokanehoopfest.net or 509-624-2414 ext. 10