Gesa Credit Union Supporting High School Students

The High School Elite Division sponsored by Gesa Credit Union will host some of the best young talents in the basketball world. The High School Elite Division games will be located at the Gesa Credit Union High School Center Court.


With a large presence in schools throughout the state of Washington, Gesa is truly showing support for high school students in our communities.

Programs such as the High School Credit Unions and Co-Branded Debit Cards make Gesa the perfect partner. Both programs bring an amazing contribution to schools. These student-ran campus branches provide real life financial industry experience to high school students, while enabling the school’s student body to learn how to manage their money in a real credit union atmosphere. This program leads to job opportunities, work experience, and resume building skills.

Gesa’s Affinity Debit Card program is available to any school and showcases the community’s school spirit with their school colors and logo on the front of a Gesa VISA ® Debit Card. Each time the card is swiped, Gesa makes a donation to that school district for student programs. To date, Gesa has provided over $295,000 to school partners!

As the Official High School Center Court Sponsor, Gesa Credit Union will provide the Hoopfest community with the best basketball on Earth. Some of the most talented young hoopers will be playing for their shot at the championship.

Thanks to Gesa Credit Union High School Center Court, the division winner will take home prize packages and own bragging rights until Hoopfest is back in action again in June 2021.

Make sure to stop by and catch some games and Gesa SWAG at this year’s High School Center Court sponsored by Gesa Credit Union.