Healthy Hoopin’: Make this year’s Hoopfest your best yet

Healthy Hoopin’ with MultiCare

By Nicholas Strasser, DO, MultiCare Hoopfest Medical Director

Hoopfest has become a staple for basketball players and fans across the Pacific Northwest. The 3on3 tournament has grown to be the largest basketball event of its kind. Without preparation, a long weekend of hoopin’ can take a toll on your body or even cause injury.

MultiCare Health System, the official medical provider for the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth, has some key measures you can take now to ensure this year’s Hoopfest is your best yet.

Maintain those Muscles

Hoopfest may not kick-off until June 29th, but it’s time to start stretching now! Make a habit of stretching various muscles each day for at least 10 minutes. One of my other favorite techniques to loosen up is to place a tennis ball on the ground and rub a foot on top of it while applying pressure. This stretches the tendons, ligaments, and muscles within the feet and ankles. The same ball can also be used to loosen up the shoulders, back, glutes, hips, forearms, and other muscles.

Eat to Win

Your diet will fuel your body on and off the court. Without the right fuel, our bodies can be prone to injury, exhaustion or dehydration. On game day, eat a healthy meal a few hours before playing to give your food time to digest and provide enough energy to take your team all the way to the championship. And don’t forget your water bottle! You should increase your water intake 72 hours prior to the tournament and continue hydrating before, during and after games.

Recovery Starts Now

Leading up to the World’s Largest 3on3 Tournament, it’s important to practice and train, but equally important to rest. Rest doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all day, but instead try taking a long walk or doing other low-intensity exercise to keep your blood pumping without exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion. This is also an important practice in between games to prevent cramps or other injuries. In case you do have any concerns, MultiCare’s expert medical team will be staffing three courtside medical tents to ensure any ailments are treated as soon as possible.            

Whether it’s your first year or 30th year at Hoopfest, following these guidelines will help you get ready to hit the court. For those of you who are coming off an “extended off-season,” please consider making an appointment with your primary care physician prior to participating in Hoopfest. A physical exam can provide peace of mind knowing your body is ready to play. Looking for a doctor in the greater Spokane area? Visit to find the best provider to fit your needs.