hoopfest 2022 Event Cancellation refund policy

Spokane Hoopfest Association is a 501c3 non-profit that depends on team fees and sponsorships to fund its year-round operating costs. Cancelling Hoopfest one month prior to the event reduces Hoopfest annual costs by only 30%. That means that 70% of Hoopfest’s costs have already been incurred by the beginning of June. Refunding team fees and sponsorships due to a cancellation is a situation situation that could put Hoopfest out of business. Fortunately, in 2020 and 2021 Hoopfest was able to survive COVID cancellations and offer 100% team refunds because we had a significant number of donated team fees, sponsorships, grants, individual & corporate and Federal & Washington State stimulus funding.  This funding also allowed Hoopfest to continue to offer its other programs including youth & adult basketball leagues & tournaments, Net Day, Hooptown activities and the ongoing renovation of outdoor public courts throughout our community. In “normal” years, Spokane Hoopfest also supports other organizations including other non-profits such as Special Olympics Washington. While we need to prepare for all circumstances, rest assured – Spokane Hoopfest is working tirelessly and doing everything within our power to make sure Hoopfest 2022 happens!! 


As registration opens, Hoopfest has incurred costs and prepared since September 2021 to hold Hoopfest 2022 with the expectation that it is very UNLIKELY that COVID or some other unforeseen situation will result in cancellation. In the event that Hoopfest is cancelled, our team fee refund policy is as follows:

  •  Hoopfest will reach out to team captains and request that teams donate their team fee but also provide the instructions to request a team fee refund if Hoopfest is canceled as follows.  
    • Prior to May 1:                                                                                                                               100% Refund
    • From May 1 to May 31:                                                                                                             Minimum 85% Refund
    • During June:                                                                                                                                    Minimum 75% Refund
    • After June if Hoopfest is postponed:                                                                                Minimum 75% Refund
    • While there are no guarantees, Hoopfest will make every attempt to find donors and sponsors to provide additional funding to enable Hoopfest to offer 100% team refunds, as was done in 2020 and 2021 
      • At a minimum, teams making team fee donations will be provided player shirts
    • As has always been the case, no refunds will be paid for cancellation that may occur during Hoopfest Weekend (Friday-Sunday) due to weather conditions, air quality, or any other disruptive situation



Note this policy relates to event cancellation. This does not change the other existing refund policies, namely there are no individual team refunds if the event occurs due to COVID or any other circumstance effecting an individual team. Alternatively, Hoopfest will continue to provide the opportunity for player changes prior to the beginning of play on Saturday morning.

Spokane Hoopfest is working tirelessly and doing everything within our power to make sure Hoopfest 2022 happens.



Spokane Hoopfest Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With a small staff of eight and a tremendous volunteer effort, Hoopfest has become the largest tournament of its kind and a world-class event which makes an estimated $50 million annual impact to our local economy. Since inception in 1990, Hoopfest has invested nearly $3 million back into the community through our partnership with Special Olympics, Community Courts, youth basketball programs, senior basketball programs and our partnership with our local school district. However, Spokane Hoopfest Association is a small business that is in need of your help. We need all of you to be a CHAMPION for the cause in 2020. We ask that you stand with us by maintaining your registration if you have already registered, registering for Hoopfest HomeCourt 2020 and/or consider donating to our cause. Your generous support will ensure that we will hit the streets again at Hoopfest 2021.

Donations will open back up in Fall 2021.


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