Register Now for Home-Court Advantage

Every athlete knows the feeling: traveling to another team’s court, feeling the ground shake, hearing the screams ring in your ears.

It’s a close game, but then the home team slams a dunk, sinks a three, or blocks a shot and the crowd goes wild, electrifying the stadium. It is no secret who gets the momentum going into the next possession.

That’s what we call home-court advantage.

The jury is still out on whether home teams get a consistent, measurable leg-up in the competition when they play at home, but one thing’s for sure: visiting teams feel a little extra pressure when the home-court fans are rockin’. The NCAA ranked Gonzaga University, right here in Hooptown USA, as the third toughest home court in college basketball. The Zags have won 92% of their games in the McCarthey Athletic Center since it became their home court in 2004.

You might think that home-court advantage is an impossible fantasy for Hoopfest Weekend, but for one lucky team, we’re making that dream come true! 

If your team registers by March 31st, you will be entered for a chance to win the opportunity to choose your block* for Hoopfest 2020! We can’t promise the same ground-shaking and ear-ringing you might get in a stadium, but you’ll get to pick the spot on the streets of Spokane where you feel most at home.

Register now!

 We’ll see you for the best basketball weekend on Earth, June 27-28, 2020.

*The block you choose is subject to division exclusions.