Intern Spotlight: Matt Miller

Matt has found his passion through his internship at Hoopfest.

By Matt Miller.

Mardi Gras. Oktober Fest. Carnaval. New Orleans. Munich. Rio De Janeiro. Each of these means something to the city in which they reside. They are times of great joy and happiness, along with memories that last a lifetime. You all remember when you went to something like this and had a blast. That is Hoopfest for the city of Spokane, WA. That special weekend in June that brings in a lot of money as it should. But it does more than just that. It brings a community of like-minded basketball players together of all ages and skill levels and creates those same memories that last a lifetime.

My name is Matt Miller. I am a Senior at Gonzaga studying Sports Management and minoring in Promotions and I am also one of the many interns at Hoopfest this year.

I am the guy who helps organize, inventory, and fulfills your Hooptown USA orders. I became a part of the Hoopfest family this past January and I love every second that I am apart of this family.

The video that you see above was an opportunity that was presented to me by Claire Silva of Gonzaga’s Admissions team. The purpose of it was to showcase Spokane internships from a select group of students. I wanted to do this because I felt as though it was my duty to tell others about what I do and what I do. I also wanted people who are on the outside of Hoopfest to see that Hoopfest isn’t just around during the build-up to the largest and best weekend of hoops in the world. I wanted to pull back the curtain and let people see some of the other stuff that we do here.

It has challenged me. Grow me. Changed me.

What Hoopfest has meant to me is something that is hard to put into words. It has challenged me. Grow me. Changed me. I have come to realize that being a part of Hoopfest has become not just a credit requirement and do the bare minimum. It has become this thing that has made me want to do everything that I can to make it better and to give it my all. Every member of the Hoopfest team has a role that they play. But like any good theater production, you wear many hats and do play many different roles. I see that now and that just because I am the retail guy as the role I was cast for. It does not mean that I am also cast as the marketing intern needing to come up with new ideas. The social media intern who needs to post new content every day. The PR intern who has to write a piece about what Hoopfest is doing right now.

I am Matt Miller playing the role of Hoopfest retail intern with cameo appearances in marketing and social.