Kickstart your dreams

Kickstart your dreams

Pepsi is ready to “grab summer by the bottle” as the Official Beverage Sponsor and a continuous sponsor of Spokane Hoopfest!

With their efforts, PepsiCo has the goal to establish stronger, and healthier relationships for people and the products that they have while maintaining growth each day. The Pepsi Company offers a large variety of brands and products including Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and Tropicana. All drinks that are necessary fuel when you’re out hoopin’ in the middle of the summer.

Not only does Pepsi help out the Hoopfest team, they also help out other non-profits as well.

“Through the partnership that Hoopfest has with PepsiCo, we are able to offer other non-profits a chance to make money for their organizations through our beverage vendor program,” says Rob Davis, Sites and Facilities Manager. This includes Girl Scouts, NC Cheerleaders and many others that run Official Beverage stations. All profits that are raised from each group’s individual sales goes directly back to their organization.

Mountain Dew Kickstart features 9 refreshing flavors with real juice and caffeine combined with the beast of Dew to help you Kickstart your dreams. New flavors include Orange Citrus & Pineapple Orange Mango.

While attending the 2019 Hoopfest make sure to stop by and sample the new flavors of Kickstart. Also, a wide variety of the PepsiCo line up will be available for purchase and multiple locations placed throughout the event.

Whether you’re monitoring, spectating, or playing, Pepsi and Mt. Dew will be stationed throughout the World’s Largest 3on3 Tournament to quench your thirst. Our Major Sponsors help us ensure that each Hooper has the best experience come tournament weekend. Pepsi and Mt. Dew are sure to make the 30th Year of Spokane Hoopfest, that much more special.