New website for a new Hoopfest season

Each year, our office brainstorms new ways to elevate our programs and tournament weekend. For the 30th Anniversary of Spokane AAU and Spokane Hoopfest, we’ve partnered with Rainmaker Creative to develop a fresh look for our website.

The main reason why we began this website project was to help us illustrate that all our programs and Hoopfest Weekend fall under one umbrella: Spokane Hoops Association.

“To better explain all that our organization offers, we’ve rebranded ourselves as the Spokane Hoops Association,” explains Morgan Marum, our Marketing and Business Development Director. “Spokane Hoops is the host of Spokane Hoopfest, Spokane AAU, Ignite Basketball Association (IBA) and other clinics, tournaments and programs. We want all of the URLs to live under this one website, which is exciting.”

Such a large project requires a team ready and willing to take it on. We’re thankful that one of our Official Sponsors, Rainmaker Creative, stepped up and helped us to see things through. Rainmaker Creative’s team worked through glitches, unexpected bugs and even pulled an all-nighter to ensure our website was a slam dunk!

“Billie Gaura and her crew define above and beyond. They spent the past few months working tirelessly on our digital presence,” Morgan expresses. “The Rainmaker squad has given their all to our brand so that the entire Hoopfest nation can enjoy. We are eternally grateful.”

Our website makeover is complete just in time for Volunteer and Court Monitor Registration! Be sure to browse around and get familiar with it, so that you know your way around the website before The Best Basketball Weekend on Earth arrives.