North Quest Resort & Casino tips off #Hoopfest2019

North Quest Resort & Casino helps launch #Hoopfest2019

You may have seen their logo splashed across multiple courts over Hoopfest Weekend, or even benefitted personally from their sponsorship of Spokane AAU or IBA. If you know Spokane Hoopfest, you definitely know Northern Quest Resort & Casino. As a Major sponsor of Hoopfest since 2000, Northern Quest continually finds ways to go above and beyond in their support of all things Spokane Hoops.

At all times of the year, Northern Quest and Spokane Hoops Association work together to generate the best basketball experiences in Spokane. The main event is, of course, Hoopfest Weekend, when 45 city blocks are consumed with thousands of  3on3 teams of all skill levels and ages. Over this amazing weekend, Northern Quest will sponsor six courts and help create the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth! But before Northern Quest’s courts are ready to be filled with players battling it out for hooper glory and spectators toeing the sidelines, Northern Quest Resort & Casino helped us
host an awesome Tip Off Party for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.

Hundreds of current sponsors, supporters of Spokane Hoopfest, friends and family all gathered in Northern Quest’s huge Pavilion ballroom on Monday evening to cheer on Virginia and Texas Tech in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship showdown. In case you missed all the action, Virginia beat Texas Tech 85-77 in an exciting OT finish.

For the third year in a row, Northern Quest provided their top-of-the-line venue and services to help us “tip-off” the heart of Hoopfest season along with Fatburger who kept our bellies full of delicious grub. Hundreds of burgers were donated by Fatburger, which has taken our watch party to the next level!

“We are so fortunate to have a partner like Northern Quest to not only allow us to utilize the facility itself, but to supply their talented people to help us put on such a robust event. Our Tip Off Party is one of our most important events
leading up to Hoopfest Weekend, and they make it a super seamless process,” said Morgan Marum, Director of Marketing for Hoopfest.

On top of all their support before and during Hoopfest Weekend, Northern Quest Resort & Casino is the answer yet again when it comes to #PostSeasonProbs. Our longtime sponsor graciously helps store the hundreds of hoops that need homes after their time in the Hoopfest Weekend spotlight. An 18,000 square-foot facility on Northern Quest’s property allows our Hoopfest team year-round storage and access to our equipment.

From pre-season to post-season, and everything in between, we are so grateful to have Northern Quest Resort & Casino as a longtime sponsor and partner of Spokane Hoops.

Thank you to our longtime sponsor, Northern Quest Resort & Casino, as well as the Kalispel Tribe, for always being ready and willing to support our many Hoopfest programs, events and the greater Spokane community.

We’re always eager to add more organizations like Northern Quest, so if you’re interested in joining our Spokane Hoops sponsor family, email or head to our website for more info!