Ptera turns Spokane into a smart city

Ptera turns Spokane into a smart city

When the city of Spokane is bursting with crowds and chaos for the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth, our official sponsor Ptera Inc. will ensure that our site operations are secure while keeping the Hoopfest energy high. Ptera provides Hoopfest with a private wireless network that supports two major operations during Hoopfest Weekend.  

In the effort to create the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth, our partnership with Ptera is crucial in providing a main aspect of the Hoopfest experience: the upbeat and energetic vibe that is fueled by music! This wireless network provided by Ptera allows us to run Hoopfest Radio throughout the site all weekend long. This means that no matter where you are in the 42 Hoopfest city blocks, you’ll be met with music and energy!

Ptera also ensures that Hoopfest Weekend is safe and secure by allowing us the bandwidth to maintain site operations that include our security system. Having this strong, reliable connection is important in making sure our security efforts run smoothly.

Ptera is the largest regional internet service provider in the Inland Northwest. They were founded out of the need to provide better internet service to Liberty Lake, and this community connection is at the core of their values as a company.

On their website, the Ptera team states, “We live, work and play in this community so being an active member is important to us. That’s why we give back our time, donate services to a number of non-profit organizations and are involved in community events like Hoopfest…”

We are grateful to have been able to partner with Ptera since 2014 to continue to develop and improve the network connection system at Hoopfest as the world has gone wireless.

Thanks to Ptera, our players, volunteers and spectators can rest assured that our systems have a strong wireless connection that will allow for an awesome event!