There are many ways to get to the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth. We work hard to accommodate our Hoopfesters with places to eat, sleep, park and get to and from the event site efficiently. While we know Hoopfest drew you to Spokane, don’t limit your experience to playing and leaving! Who could blame you for indulging when Spokane has everything you need. The good news is that you don’t have to travel far for fantastic fun. 

PS, all these events ARE FREE to watch!

Toyota Shootoff

Only the most talented (or luckiest) long-range shooter will make it through the qualifying rounds to the Toyota Shootoff at Hoopfest. Must be 18 years of age to participate. Complete rules and regulations will be available at the Toyota Shootoff courts. Dates of qualifying rounds as well as prizes for the winners will be announced soon.

$10 for 3 shots

Rodda Paint Youth Free Throw Contest

Basketball gurus know that free throws often play a role in determining who wins and who loses in a basketball game. At Hoopfest, if you can sink a free throw during our contest, you win a prize! And we don’t discriminate against the Granny Shot, so if you can put it up and in, you could win! Must be 17 years of age or under to participate. Dates and rules of contest will be announced shortly.

$5 for 2 shots

Three-Point Contest

Show off your long-range game at this year’s Three-Point Contest, sponsored by Walker Construction. Whether you’re the top shot on your team, or want to prove your friends wrong, sign-up to compete for the title of best three-point shooter at Hoopfest! 

$5 to participate

Slam Dunk Competition

The Slam Dunk Competition presented by MultiCare Health System takes place at Nike Center Court. You don’t want to miss some of Hoopfest’s best athletes fly! If you’re wanting to participate in the Slam Dunk Competition, sign up at Nike Center Court before the qualifying round begins on Saturday. 

$10 to participate

don't miss a game


Our High School Elite Center Court and Nike Center Court are home to impressive hoops! Competition on these courts rises to an elite level that is entertaining for all Hoopfesters. If you’re wanting to watch a competitive game or catch another exciting element during Hoopfest weekend, head to one of these center courts!

The location of both center courts will be available soon! Check back to see our Official Hoopfest 2019 Event Map.


Located on Main St. near Stevens, the BECU Elite Center Court is the place to watch rising stars from the region compete. Stick around between games for fun contests and prizes!


Nike Center Court is the place to be for a true taste of Hoopfest action. This is where some of the world’s most talented hoopers come to show what makes them the best. Nike Center Court is where you go to catch former college stars, local legends, National Champions and slam dunk extraordinaires. You can find Nike Center Court located in between Main Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard in the Bennett Block. Get your court-side seat and catch the action!