Throwback to Hoopfest Season 1990

Throwback to Hoopfest Season 1990


This was the first Hoopfest Backboard
Check out the first Hoopfest Entry Form.
One of the fist articles written about Hoopfest!
The first Event Guide 30 years ago!

What else was happening? We did some research:

  • June 30, 1990…The first Spokane Hoopfest took place
  • UNLV won the NCAA Championship versus Duke 103-73
  • Detroit Pistons won the NBA Championship against Portland Trailblazers in Game 5
  • The price of a candy bar was 50 cents
  • Gas was $1.94 per gallon
  • The cost of a Super Bowl advertisement was $700,000
  • Minimum wage was $3.70 an hour
  • The World Wide Web was invented
  • Klay Thompson was born February 8, 1990

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