Volunteer Spotlight: Kathleen Sullivan

This week at Hoopfest, we’re highlighting Kathleen Sullivan – one of our dedicated volunteers who supervises and oversees our Team Check-in and Player Change committee. Kathleen has been with us for a whopping 30 years! From being bribed with Chai tea lattes to showing us how much she loves her committee and teams by putting their names on a sponsored backboard – let’s get to know Kathleen more!

What area(s) have you volunteered in at Hoopfest?

Team Check-In & Player Change

The backboard I sponsor is my “committee and Hoopfest team” backboard. The names on it are the last names of my committee members and the last names of people who have played on the team I sponsor (family names are in black, friends in gray). It’s been a fun way to honor the history we have in this event.

What keeps you coming back to Hoopfest?

The people. When it’s not fun anymore I will quit, but so far it’s been fun the whole time!

Do you have a story from Spokane Hoopfest that stands out to you?

Over 30 years I’ve had a million stories! Most are around the incredible people who put this event on, but also on the players and fans. Especially working in Player Change. It’s amazing the bribes people try to be heard at 8 am on Saturday in the final seconds of player change (I’m a big fan of Chai lattes and now they know that’s the way to get my attention). My sub-committee has been with me nearly as long as I’ve been around. Some of them started WITH me, others I’ve drafted as the years have worn on. We keep reinventing processes to make it better and more streamlined. I would be lost without this sub-committee. Our group motto is, “one goes we all go.” We are the Hotel California of volunteer groups. You can check-in but you can never leave!

Hoopfest couldn’t happen without incredible volunteers like Kathleen! We would like to thank Kathleen for her passionate commitment that she’s had to Hoopfest over the years.

If you’re interested in making an impact as a volunteer at #Hoopfest2020, you can learn more and register here.