Win Big Hoopfest Weekend

Win Big Hoopfest Weekend

Can’t get enough basketball in just one weekend? Come participate in some of our contests we have or come watch and support the people competing! For all the contests, we hope you come and play for fun. For the competitive people though, there are prizes to win at the end of each contest, and bragging rights of course. The cost to watch any of these contests is free, but to participate in any of them it is going to range from about a $5.00-$15.00 fee. To win these contests though is at no cost, the odds of winning will vary on how many people are signed up for the contest.

Slam Dunk Competition

This competition is not new to our popular weekend. Come and participate for only $10 to show off your hops and slam dunk skills. This competition is presented by MultiCare Health System. On Saturday and Sunday, come watch some of Hoopfest’s most elite athletes show off their vertical abilities at Nike Center Court.

 Toyota Shoot Off

This contest is provided courtesy of the Inland Empire Toyota Dealers Association. For this specific contest, you will have to be at least eighteen (18) years of age to be able to participate. There will only be a $10.00 fee charged in the Preliminary Qualifying Round and any person may only qualify once. The grand prize for the contest winner of the Toyota Shoot off will be a 2019 Hoopfest Customized Toyota RAV4, provided by the Inland Empire Toyota Dealers Association.

Rodda Paint

These next three contests are all presented by Rodda Paint, we are so thankful they have been able to help us put together all these contests the past few years. For all three of these contests the age to play is the same. There will be a Youth group (ages 1-12), a High School group (ages 13-18), and an Adult group (all ages 19 and older).

Free Throw Contest: In this contest, each contestant will have 1 minute to make as many free throws as possible, with a maximum of 15 shots possible.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place will all win something in this contest. 1st will win one Xbox One, 2nd place will win one of the official Hoopfest game balls, and 3rd place will win a $25.00 gift card to the Hoopfest store.

Three Point Contest:  Each contestant has 2 warm up shots, then will have 1 minute to shoot five balls from five racks positioned around the three-point line (25 balls total). There will be a $5.00 fee charged to all contests, you may participate an unlimited number of times but must pay the fee each time.

Hot Shot Contest: The same applies for the $5.00 fee being charged. You can also play this an unlimited amount of times but will have to pay the fee each time. In this contest, each contestant is allowed 2 warm up shots. Then they will have 1 minute to try to score as many points as possible by making shots from the designated circular-shaped areas. There will be five circular-shaped areas, each with various point values from 1-5. The contestant will only have one ball and must rebound their own shots. In our Hot Shot contest and Three Point contest, there will be a separate prize for each age group, but the 2nd and 3rd place winner in each group will win the same item. For the Youth division the 1st place winner will win an Xbox One, the winner of the High school division will win a JBL Xtreme Speaker, and the winner of the Adult division will win one iPad. For those 2nd place winners they will win a Hoopfest game ball, and for 3rd place winners they will win a $25.00 gift card to the Hoopfest store.  

We are getting excited to start off these new contests and add to the competition of Hoopfest. A lot of these contests will be happening that very weekend of Hoopfest. It may seem like a lot of basketball, but that is what this weekend is about. These contests will be a fantastic way to end this crazy weekend. We would love to have a big turnout this year for these contests and have some fun to finish off the Hoopfest 2019 season.