Your DNA is a given…we’re giving you more

Your DNA is a given…we’re giving you more

Spokane Hoopfest looks to ensure that our hoopers are getting the best care and training possible, not only during the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth but year-round as well. One of our newest Supporting Sponsors, Lyfecode Genetics and Consulting, will ensure that you know exactly what training will make a difference for you.

Lyfecode Genetics and Consulting is a team of pharmacists with one common goal in mind, to better the health of the community around us and beyond. Lyfecode has been created as a subsidiary of Medication Review, Inc., locally owned and operated in Spokane, Washington. The genetic test options we offer, backed by the science of Genetic Direction, are so intriguing that once you learn a bit of what we are, you can’t help but want to know more…about YOU.

Our Hoopfest team was able to try the testing and we were thoroughly impressed. Medication Review provides a deep dive into your own personal genetics so that you can create a workout and nutritional plan just for your body. Our Hoopfest team is running full speed to prep for the 30th Anniversary so knowing what foods and exercises power our individual bodies most efficiently is critical.

‘Personally, I would have been thrilled to have this knowledge at my fingertips while playing basketball professionally. Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike, says if you have body, you are an athlete. Lyfecode is a tool that every “body” can use,” says Executive Director Matt Santangelo.

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Morgan Marum, says “this test is incredible! I have never been told so many details about my individual body and genetic makeup. I feel more prepared than ever to train and become my best self.”

Whether you are a top-notch athlete, a weekend warrior or just starting the journey of self-improvement, we can help guide and keep you on the right path. Recently published research has linked multiple lifestyle factors to genetic predispositions, and many of these predispositions can be addressed with DNA-based lifestyle changes. 

Am I interested in the best exercise/workout regimen to help me achieve my goals?

What are the best foods to feed my body?

How will my body age?

How can I reach my best overall health?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we will help you find those answers!

With our Performance Test option, you’ll learn how to train your body to the best of its ability. With these tools, the potential to jump higher, run faster and less recovery time after workouts or injuries, is in the palm of your hands. Perfect way to prepare for Hoopfest 2020!

All it takes is a quick personal online questionnaire, a simple cheek swab, and 2-3 weeks later, your results are in!

You will learn:

  • How different foods affect your weight loss ability, and the best diet to help you lose weight
  • Predispositions to your ability to absorb, or not absorb key nutrients
  • Food, nutrient and training recommendations to allow you to reach your performance potential
  • Lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling younger
  • Plus, so much more!

Lyfecode genetic advisors are specially trained on each of the traits looked at and the genes that contribute to the results. Continue your learning through your own online, interactive portal full of tips and tricks specific to YOUR DNA.

Come see us Hoopfest weekend, in Riverfront Park near the Rotary Fountain, and enter for a chance to win a FREE Performance Test! Check us out at our booth for more details and some fun swag! Starting now through the end of Hoopfest weekend, receive 10% off your purchase!

We know you can find out where you come from, but don’t you want to know what you’re made of?

Click the link below to purchase your test and begin the journey to reach your potential.