10 Reasons to Come to Hoopfest

“Whether you play or not, Hoopfest is about bringing together families and friends, hanging out and catching up, seeing people you haven’t seen for 10 years or 20, barbecues, reunions and celebrations.” — Rick Betts, Hoopfest Co-founder

Thinking about coming to Spokane for Hoopfest Weekend, June 29 – July 1? Here are 10 reasons you don’t want to miss the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth.

1. The T-shirts

  • Hoopfest is all about the T-shirts. Participate? You get a T-shirt. Win your bracket? You get a T-shirt. Win the consolation bracket? You guessed it, you get a T-shirt. But don’t let the normality of a T-shirt fool you, these are coveted souvenirs of Hoopfest Weekend as they have a unique design every year. Collect them all! Register today to lock in yours.

2. Plenty of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Not interested in breakin’ ankles and drainin’ shots? Signing up to be a volunteer is a huge part of Hoopfest and the 3,000 volunteers help to make the event successful every year. If you’re still wanting a role on the court, but you’re not sure about playing 3on3, then signing up to be a Hoopfest Court Monitor is the perfect opportunity for you. There’s also an incentive program for our Court Monitors featuring some pretty cool prizes – check ’em out!

3. The Unforgettable Atmosphere and Competitive Spirit

  • Excited anticipation of Hoopfest Weekend begins to build up months in advance. Players and fans from around the world take to the streets of Spokane every summer. From professional to collegiate to young talent, you’ll see many new and familiar faces take the streets each year. The faint rhythm of basketballs hitting the concrete fills the atmosphere of the Spokane area as 250,000 spectators, volunteers and players navigate our downtown streets. This is the place to go to witness an entire city taken over by a shared love of basketball and community.

4. Hoopfest is Where Dreams Come True

  • Regardless of what division is right for you, the 420 courts spanning 45 city blocks are where dreams come true. From making your first shot to winning the championship to building lasting friendships to seeing your heroes, there are Hoopfest moments to be had and memories to be made for everyone.

5. Fun for the Whole Family

  • Bring the whole fam down for Hoopfest Weekend! Take a break from cheering each other on to grab something yummy from one of our many vendors at Foodfest, head to Nike Center Court to catch some Elite basketball and Slam Dunk action or even take a stroll through downtown to witness other Hoopfest elements.

6. A Chance at Creative Greatness

  • Each year, there is another mini Hoopfest competition happening months before Hoopfest tips off: trying to come up with the perfect team name. Some standouts from this year include “Basketbald” and “Alley Oops.” Once the team name has been agreed upon, your team uniforms are next on your to-do list. Over the years, we’ve seen some hilarious, clever and creative uniforms that add to the Hoopfest spirit. From dressing up as four different animals to Power Rangers to men in sports bras and tattoos, you’re sure to see some interesting outfits! Get your squad together, have a creative brainstorming sesh and then come hoop it up the last weekend in June.

7. There’s a Division for Everyone

  • Hoopfest is an inclusive, community event with a bracket for anyone and everyone. All genders, race, heights, ages and abilities are welcome to join in on the action. Play Elite, Competitive, Recreational, Family, Co-ed, Unified, Wheelchair, Special Olympics… If you want to play, we’ll help find the right division for you!

8. A Spokane Tradition

  • Hoopfest 2018 will be the 29th year of 3on3 fun in Spokane. This event brings in over $46 million to the city of Spokane and in turn gives back to the community through grants and donations to charitable organizations, such as Special Olympics East Region.

9. There’s More to Hoopfest Than You Think

  • Find yourself wanting more basketball after the day is done? This year, The Basketball Tournament (TBT) and Spokane Hoops have announced their partnership to bring you 4 teams, 3 games and 2 nights of action, elevating what you may remember as THE ALUMNI GAME! TBT is a single-elimination 5on5 tournament for a winner-take-all $2 million prize that attracts college alumni teams, international basketball stars, ex-NBA players, future NBA players and more. The winner of the this Hoopfest TBT Pod will advance to the Super 16 this summer for a chance to win the $2 million prize. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this thrilling Hoopfest weekend event in-person! Ticket info to come soon.

10. The Culture

  • During this weekend of 3on3 action, Hoopfest has transcended the game of basketball to become a cultural experience. With courts taking over almost every block of downtown Spokane, Hoopfest is a basketball lover’s dream. It’s an occasion when a global community can come together over a shared love for the game and celebrate Spokane.

But don’t just take our word for it! Join us for #Hoopfest2018 by registering to playsigning up to volunteer (Court Monitors can sign up here) or just enjoying the festivities June 29 – July 1. We’ll see all of our Hoopfesters soon!

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