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The Vendor & Exhibitor Application WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor or exhibitor  for Hoopfest 2022! We are always looking for new food vendors and exhibitors to help enhance the overall experience for the 250,000 people that are in Spokane for Hoopfest. For those interested in applying to be a vendor or exhibitor, please complete the steps below.


Riverfront Park Food, Merchandise, and Arts/Crafts Vendors
For 2022 Riverfront Park vendors, locations will include the Howard Bridge, Locust Lawn and Clock Tower Meadow. Move-in will take place on the morning of Thursday, June 23, with operation option for Thursday afternoon and required for Friday (food only). Pricing will vary based on vendor type and booth size. In order to be a vendor in the park, all vendors must part of the Riverfront Park Qualified Vendor Program, which will require an application if accepted into the Hoopfest vendor program. Riverfront Park food vendors will have the ability to sell beverages but must purchase all beverage products through the Riverfront Park beverage program. Returning vendors have priority.

Street Food, Merchandise, and Arts/Crafts Vendors

Street food vendor locations are spread out throughout all of downtown Spokane and are subject to June 25-26 operation only, with strict move-in/move-out requirements. Pricing will vary based on vendor type and booth size. Street food vendors are not allowed to sell beverages of any kind unless approved through Hoopfest prior to the event. Returning vendors have priority.

*Please note that we do not accept any apparel vendors.


The deadline to apply is April 15.


Riverfront Park Exhibitors

For 2022 Riverfront Park exhibitors, locations will include the Rotary Fountain Plaza, Locust Lawn and newly available Central Plaza just west of the U.S. Pavilion. Pricing will vary based on location and booth size. Riverfront Park exhibitors will have the option to operate on Thursday and Friday, June 23-24.

Street Exhibitors

Street exhibitor locations are limited to a few select areas on the site and are subject to Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26 operation only. Pricing will vary based on booth size.

*Please note that we consider exhibitors to be any booth that is not directly selling items from their booth.

The deadline to apply is April 15.

downtown street vendors

Sidewalk Vendor: $35

  • As an authorized vendor, the merchant will be provided a four foot by ten-foot (4’ x 10’) vending area directly outside the merchant’s business or building. Some exclusions apply, in this case the Spokane Hoopfest Association (SHA) will work with businesses to determine the best possible alternative.
  • The merchant will become an authorized Hoopfest vendor and receive an official Downtown Vendor permit. These merchants must also be in compliance with vending regulations imposed by the City of Spokane and the Spokane County Health District.
  • Vendor will receive recognition in the event guide and on the website for all downtown businesses that become authorized Hoopfest vendors.

Sidewalk Vendor Upgrade: $300

  • Sidewalk-facing businesses who wish for a larger or more central location may apply through the regular SHA vendor program at a discount of $600. SHA will determine the best available location, contingent on the overall site layout.

Regular vendor with Business Improvement District (BID) discount: Varies on location

  • A downtown business or property owner who does not sell retail products or goods, or wishes to sell products or goods that are not typically found at the merchant’s business, during its normal course of business may also request to participate as an authorized Hoopfest vendor during the event weekend.
  • Should the intended products or goods fit into the SHA vending plan, that entity can enter into an agreement with SHA and pay a vendor fee discounted at 50% from the regular fee.
  • In doing so, the business will become an authorized Hoopfest vendor and receive an official Downtown Vendor permit.
  • As an authorized vendor, the business will be given a standard ten foot by ten-foot (10’ x 10’) vending area on the Hoopfest site if space allows, preferably near the location of that business’ property.
  • If a bigger vending space is requested, SHA will negotiate with the business on the fee and best available location contingent on the overall site layout.


  • As an authorized vendor, each merchant will be allowed to sell only those products that are typically found at the merchant’s business.
  • All products sold by the business must be approved by SHA. Businesses will not be allowed to sell products in direct competition with those Hoopfest sponsors who have been granted product exclusivity on the Hoopfest site.
  • If businesses wish to sell beverage products, the business must go through the SHA beverage program, including purchasing all beverage products through SHA and selling the products at the recommended price point. These sponsors currently include Nike and the family of Coca Cola products.
  • Hoopfest vendors are required to refrain from promoting or selling products that are in direct competition with Nike and Coca Cola beverage products outside their buildings. Nike and Coca Cola are valued sponsors of SHA who have been granted product exclusivity on the Hoopfest site.
  • All authorized Hoopfest vendors will receive waste disposal services throughout the tournament weekend as outlined in the vendor agreement entered into between the merchant and SHA.

The deadline to apply is April 15.


Step 1: Complete the Hoopfest 2022 Vendor/Exhibitor Application once it opens on February 7. No fee or deposit is required. Your business, products you are selling, past performance and prior health district reports (if applicable) will be evaluated. All applications are due by April 15 – no exceptions. All applicants will be notified of their status in the event by April 22.

Please note – receipt and return of the application form does not mean you have automatically been accepted as an Authorized Vendor or Exhibitor for Hoopfest 2022. For past vendors and exhibitors, if we do not receive the completed form by April 15, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in Hoopfest.

Step 2: If accepted, fill out and return all requested information sent to you in the vendor/exhibitor packet including payment by May 8. Insurance certificates, layout drawings, information sheets, food and tax permits (if applicable and fire safety paper will all be required in order to participate in Hoopfest 2022.

For all questions, please contact Connor Walsh at connor@spokanehoopfest.net or 509-624-2414.

How to Apply Through EventHub

  1. Click the orange “Application” button to go to our showcase page on EventHub
  2. Select “View Interactive Floor Plan” in the Opportunities box to see the various booths and booth numbers available
  3. Go back to showcase page and select “Book Event Space” from the Opportunities box to add a booth type to your cart. If you have a food truck that is 10×24 and you would like a location in the Park, select “Food Vendor – Park (10×25). Then click “Proceed to Checkout.” Disregard the Marketing Add-Ons, as they are meant for Court Sponsors only.
  4. You will be prompted to create an account. Following the creation of your account, you will complete the application questions. Then, you can continue through checkout.
  5. Submit your order! To submit order, select “Pay by Check.” I realize the wording is a bit confusing because you will not be paying at that time, but that button submits your order. Note: Your payment will not be processed until after we approve your order


The deadline for Vendors and Exhibitors to apply is April 15.

The deadline for Downtown Business Vendors is April 15.