(Talk about squad goals)


Giff Marleau


Program Director

Giff has not only helped managed our AAU program, but is known as the “Brains Behind the Bracketing” for Hoopfest weekend. Giff’s continuous sincerity and attention to detail provide everyone with a better Hoopfest experience.

Rob Davis

rob davis


Having had three kids take part in AAU, Rob radiates passion and dedication. And both traits are needed as the one in charge of managing the largest 3on3 outdoor basketball site. Rob’s oversight is crucial to the continued success of Hoopfest!

Connor Walsh

Connor Walsh

Program + Events Manager

After playing in Hoopfest for 18 years and serving as an intern in 2012, Connor has joined the Hoopfest team with a background in organizing sport programs and events. He will look to add to the incredible programming currently in place. As a former basketball player, Connor brings a lifelong passion for the sport and unique perspective to the team.

Chad Smith

chad smith


Chad has been with the organization for over 15 years, and continues to bring people in with his enthusiasm. From referees at Ignite Basketball – our youth outreach program – to court taping on Friday night to court monitors Hoopfest weekend, Chad is always in need of good volunteers.

Justin Olivares

Marketing Manager

brady subart

Sponsor and partnership manager