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The possibilities to volunteer at Hoopfest are endless! Every year Hoopfest is made possible by the 3,000 plus volunteers it takes to run the basketball-packed weekend in downtown Spokane. Offering a number of different positions, with varying times throughout the weekend, it is easy to find something that will fit just right for you! Can’t be here Hoopfest weekend? There are several volunteers needed for pre-Hoopfest tasks for which we would love your help. And of course, volunteering doesn’t come without its perks. As a token of our appreciation, every volunteer receives a free t-shirt.


Volunteers will receive a confirmation shortly after signing-up for Hoopfest. 

Final confirmations, including shift locations and times, will be sent approximately two-weeks prior to the Hoopfest weekend.

Be a part of the action! Get the prime spot for watching the games all weekend by being a court monitor. All levels of basketball experience are invited to participate, as we provide you with all the tools and trainings needed for a successful Hoopfest weekend. A limited number of applicants under the age of 16 will be accepted.

Things to note:

  • Court monitoring at Hoopfest is a full weekend commitment.
  • You will be invited to a two-hour training seminar to get you ready and prepared for the weekend. Also, don’t forget to check out our Court Monitor Training Video.
  • We attempt to honor all court requests. You may choose from youth, high school or adult courts – male, female or co-ed.
  • Court Monitors on youth courts (grades 2-9) will call all fouls.
  • Players on high school and adult courts will call their own fouls.
  • Monitors will receive a great package of Under Armour gear, including shoes which will be distributed at the end of the weekend.

Each volunteer receives a volunteer T-shirt. Full time court monitors receive additional gear.  Volunteers under the age of 16 are welcome as long as they volunteer with an older sibling, parent or other adult. Volunteer check-in is located at the Information Tent during the weekend.

Beverage Distribution is for volunteers who are very detail-oriented. This area involves tracking inventory and controlling the distribution of inventory to Hoopfest-approved vendors. This position may require certain volunteers to lift and carry heavy bags of ice and pulling heavy carts with ice, water and soda.

Computer Input is a volunteer opportunity where game scores received from the master scoreboard are then input into computers in order to update the tournament brackets placed on the Hoopfest website.

Festival Area volunteers assist in the family fun zone. Volunteers take tickets, help children with games and supervise them on rides.

Court Monitors are perhaps the most crucial event volunteer.  They supervise around 35 games on their court during the tournament, enforcing tournament rules and the time schedule while maintaining the Spirit of Hoopfest. Volunteer court monitors must attend specific training and complete a different volunteer application than other volunteers. They are also asked to volunteer for the duration of the two-day tournament. Court monitors receive Under Armour gear for volunteering their time, including shoes, shorts, T-shirts and hat.

Lunch Program is responsible for the preparation and coordination of the volunteer lunch program.  Lunch preparation volunteers prepare the lunches prior to the Hoopfest weekend.

Center Court Scoring volunteers run the scoreboard at the elite center court.

Master Scoreboard is the center of the event in Riverfront Park and is where players come to find out the status of all games. The scoreboard is responsible for recording and displaying all the scores of tournament games. This area involves filing and recording of information.

Merchandise (Hoopfest Store) is the one place at the event where participants can purchase Hoopfest merchandise. Volunteers may help stock merchandise and assist with customers. Knowledge of retail is not required. 

Monitor Headquarters Volunteers for this area will participate either Thursday before Hoopfest and/ or the Sunday of Hoopfest. Headquarter volunteers will assist with the monitor check-in and check-out procedures.

Sponsor Garden is a VIP area for event sponsors and key volunteers to take a break and enjoy a snack or beverage. This area involves controlling crowd access into the Garden, handing out food and beverages, and keeping tables clean.

Team Check-In is responsible for distributing team packets to all teams that have enrolled in Hoopfest.  Some volunteers greet teams while others retrieve team packets and T-shirts. Volunteers must be able to lift boxes and stand and walk on uneven surfaces. Volunteers for “Thursday Set-up” and “Friday Tear Down” must be mobile and able to lift heavy boxes. Volunteers for Saturday morning, must have previous experience with Team Check-In.

Volunteers assist with the shooting contests located within the Bennett Block. Volunteers are needed to
shag balls, take tickets and check-in participants.

The info tent located in the park and throughout the site. Volunteers in this area assist players and fans with tournament information and wayfinding.

why our volunteers love hoopfest

"Hoopfest is a great volunteer experience! It's a huge event for Spokane and so well organized that you really get the feeling that you are helping not only the Hoopfest organization but the teams and families that come to town!"
Teresa Hudak
Master Scoreboard
"Hoopfest is truly one of my very favorite weekends of the whole year! I love to volunteer in the days leading up to this event because it is a labor of love, and I want to do my own small part to assist in making this weekend so special for others also."
Tami Earthman
Team Check-in
"When I moved to Spokane in 2015, I had heard of a 'little' basketball event downtown that was a must do event. Having only been in the area a couple of weeks, I signed up to volunteer double shifts both Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, when I showed up to this 'little' event I was completely blown away by the excitement and the electricity generated by the quarter of a million people visiting and enjoying my newly adopted home! Even after volunteering for 4 shifts over two days, in record breaking heat that 2015 brought us, I was absolutely hooked! Hoopfest is now something to plan vacation around so I can continue to experience, and be part of, the energy and excitement of Hoopfest!"
Jim Reincke
Sponsor Garden

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