QUIZ – What’s your ideal volunteer position?

Every year, more than 3,000 volunteers make Hoopfest possible. There is no other way we would be able to run the basketball-packed weekend all throughout downtown Spokane without them.

A lot goes into making this weekend the most exciting basketball weekend on earth, and to do so we need as many hands on deck as possible to help with everything from taping the courts to merchandise sales. Find your ideal volunteer position below!

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People interested in volunteering can choose to volunteer for a number of different positions, including:

  • Court Monitor – Be a part of the action! Get the prime spot for watching the games all weekend by being a court monitor. Hoopfest will provide you with all the basketball IQ you’ll need, no matter your experience with the game. Being a court monitor comes with special perks – check out what you could leave Hoopfest weekend with in our other post (link to incentives).
  • Beverage Distribution – For the detail-oriented folks who are passionate about hydration – help track inventory and control distribution to Hoopfest-approved vendors.
  • Computer Input – Know all the numbers behind the madness. Input scores from the Master Scoreboard into computers to update tournament brackets for all to see on the Hoopfest website.
  • Festival Area – Be at the center of the family fun zone – take tickets, help facilitate games, and supervise them on rides. Perfect for all the kids at heart.
  • Lunch Program – Calling for foodies – help prepare and coordinate the volunteer lunch program for Hoopfest weekend.
  • Center Court Scoring – Run the scoreboard at the elite center court and get a front-row seat to some of the best talent Hoopfest has to offer.
  • Master Scoreboard – Record and display all tournament game scores so players know the status of all their games.
  • Merchandise – Work at the Hoopfest Store presented by Nike and help players and fans alike find the perfect Hoopfest souvenir to take home.
  • Monitor Headquarters – Rally the court monitors on Thursday during check-in or send them on their way home at check-out on Sunday.
  • Sponsor Garden – Be in charge of the velvet rope at the VIP area reserved for event sponsors and key volunteers.
  • Team Check-In – Welcome the teams to the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth by checking them in or distributing and retrieving their packets and t-shirts.
  • Contest Courts – Assist with the shooting contests happening up and down the Bennett Block.
  • Information Tent – Help players and fans find their way around the 45 city blocks of Hoopfest.

Want to see inside the action? Register to volunteer today!

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