meet the

the operating committee

Hoopfest’s success relies heavily on the involvement of our Operating Committee (OC) – a team of volunteers who organize, coordinate and care for the important details of our event with the help of their sub-committees.

Jennifer Chaparro


Jim Dibble, John Gately, Megan Phillips


RJ Del Mese

Court taping

Pat Dever

Computer Applications

Jim DeStefano

Electrical Services

Holly Elmer

Nike Center Court

Charlotte Finnegan


Adam Jackson

Contest Activities

Dave Jackson

Maintenance Engineering

Scott Jones

Site Team Organization

John Koenig

Special Projects

Kari Kostelecky

Sponsor Garden

Julie Laird

Volunteer Lunches

Darcy Markham

Retail Beverages


Elite Divison

lori olson

Volunteer lunches

Heidi swartz

high school center court

Sarah Olson

Master Score Board

Christina Ridenbaugh

Recycling / clean-up

Claire Raap


Cathy Santangelo

Volunteer Coordination

gina scott

Court Monitor Headquarters

Kathleen Sullivan garman

Team Check-in