Tommy Schermerhorn

Since 2003, Tommy has been an integral part of our volunteer family here at Hoopfest. With over 15 years of dedicated service, he embodies the spirit of selflessness and community that defines our organization.

Tommy began his journey with us at an early age, eagerly jumping into volunteer roles such as packet stuffing and T-shirt rolling. As he grew older, he expanded his involvement, taking on responsibilities at Team Check-In and eventually joining the bustling atmosphere of Center Court.

For Tommy, Hoopfest isn’t just an event—it’s a tradition deeply ingrained in his life. He fondly recalls spending June weekends surrounded by the electrifying energy of the crowds, forming bonds with fellow volunteers that have become like a second family.Despite not being a basketball player himself, he is drawn to the infectious enthusiasm and excitement that permeates the air during this unforgettable weekend. His cheerful demeanor and willingness to go above and beyond have made him an indispensable part of our team.

Tommy’s commitment and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are incredibly grateful to have him as part of our Hoopfest community. Join us in celebrating his unwavering passion and invaluable contributions during this Volunteer Appreciation Month. Thank

Kathleen Sullivan Garman

Meet Kathleen, a dedicated member of the Hoopfest family since its early years. Stepping in for her sister, Colleen Volk, a founding board member, Kathleen has been deeply involved in the event’s organization. From hand painting backboards to founding the Operations Committee (OC) in 1995, her commitment has been unwavering. She even orchestrated the first Hoopfest flashmob, a testament to her innovative spirit.

For Kathleen Hoopfest is more than just a basketball tournament; it’s a cherished family tradition and a community celebration. With her parents and children also deeply involved, Hoopfest truly embodies a sense of familial connection. Over the years, Kathleen has spearheaded various aspects of the event, from team check-in to player coordination, ensuring its smooth operation. Her favorite moment? The magical transformation of Spokane into a bustling basketball hub, where streets are adorned with courts, vendors, and excited participants, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of camaraderie. (Kathleen & Family pictured below)

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Despite the passing years, Kathleen’s remains dedicated to Hoopfest, driven by the enduring joy it brings. Her passion, coupled with her integral role in the event’s history, highlights her as a central figure in the Hoopfest community—a beacon of commitment and enthusiasm for all involved.